Mac Jones , Stony Brook

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Hi! My name is Mac Jones and I live on Long Island with my mom & dad, but I had quite the adventure getting here. About a year ago I was all by myself wandering around the streets of Queens, New York. I was found and brought to a kill shelter in Brooklyn, where dogs don't often have a chance to stay around for too long. I was a real mess because I was neglected and living on the streets, but luckily someone realized I was special and Long Island Bulldog Rescue took me into their care. At this point, I was boarded at my vets office where I was getting ready for my forever family. A long 2 months later they found me! My mom & dad saw my picture on Facebook and they fell in love. My parents came to visit me at the vets office & knew they could not leave without me. September 3, 2013, was the best day of my life (and theirs too)! Today I spend my time lounging on my lounge chair in the sun, going to the park or playing dress up with my bag full of clothes, and I finally know what love is.



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