Maggie May, Fort Worth

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Maggie had been wandering the streets of Fort Worth with her two sons, Geoffrey and Pudge, for an unknown amount of time before being rescued by a local veterinarian, Dr. Shawn McCorkle. He transported the three to the clinic/boarding kennel he works for, and with the help of Newly Spikes, the owner, he gave them a place to stay, free food to eat, and discount medical services until they were adopted. Her sons were adopted first, being cute puppies; however, an employee at the clinic, Kirstin, fell in love with this goofy dog and adopted her. She now lives in Washington with Kirstin, and loves going on hikes, chases after every squirrel they encounter, and hates the rain that is ubiquitous to the area. She demands at least three lengthy walks per day, and if you're not quick enough to get ready, she'll headbutt you and run away laughing!



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