Vote For Otis

Otis was (approximately) born in Detroit on 8/29/12 and found about two month later. He was then adopted and around 6 months later just suddenly dumped at the shelter. When we went the next day to meet Otis I fell in love, this was Friday May 3rd 2013. Once we adopted Otis and took him home I noticed that he was a very timid and scared dog. I then knew that he must have been abused in his past, if it was the previous owners or just in the few months in Detroit. This dog needed obvious help, and to this day we are still overcoming some barriers. A few months passed after we adopted Otis and I started to notice some strange (good strange) behaviors. I posted them on Instagram and a user contacted me that I should train him to be a diabetic alert dog. I then contacted a few organizations and the rest is history. Just in a short year, this scared, abused shelter dog has transformed into one of the smartest, happiest dogs I've ever met. He's my dog, my best friend and finally my savior.



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