Stanley, Los Angeles

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My entire life I have no been able to get a dog. A mother who had a fear of a dirty house and a father who went along with the rule. As I got older I gave up on owning a dog. Once in college, and home for summer break, I tried my luck and asked again and to my surprise my mom said yes (only if the dog was housebroken). We searched and search and found Stanley. Stanley had changed the life of my family forever. He is the best dog ever (and a genius). My family is happier and calmer as we spend most of our attention on our dog vrs. on negative things about each other. My mom, the reluctant one, now calls Stanley her "baby" and "angel" and they sleep together every night. Life has gotten better once Stanley became a member of our family. Stanley came from a pit bull rescue, despite being a terrier. When Elizabeth, who works at Marley's pit stop, came into the shelter for pit bulls and saw Stanley on death row she saved Stanley and then he saved us!



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