Loki, Lemoore (currently lives in San Luis Obispo, CA.)

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We knew adoption was the only choice for bringing a dog into our family, so we scoured Petfinder and, though we looked at a lot of adoptable dogs, one got stuck in our heads. The rescue org. said that he and his litter mates were abandoned in a box, so we don't know his breed(s). Lots of people ask, but we just say he's a rescued mutt. We named him Loki, after the Norse god of mischief — and he can be pretty mischievous! Now almost 7 months old, this funny little pup has a blast hiking, camping, running around the beach, making dog and people friends, cuddling, eating peanut butter treats... he loves to get dirty (but is not a fan of baths). Over 2,000 people follow his adventures on Instagram (@apupnamedloki), and his cuteness has caused quite a commotion around our town. People even ask to take his picture! He is one of the happiest, sweetest pups you'll ever meet and a perfect representative for the amazing dogs/best friends you can find in a shelter or rescue org.



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