Theo, Albany

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Theo is a special little guy. He came from a shelter in the Utica area, where he had been found on the side of the road. While it is common to find stray dogs, this was particularly sad because Theo was only about 9 weeks old & unable to walk.1st they thought he had been hit by a car but soon realized that wasn’t the case. In an effort to get him the care & diagnosis he would require, they asked OOTP to take him.Since coming into our rescue, Theo has had an MRI & extensive bloodwork. The results showed that Theo’s cerebellum was partially missing.The cerebellum controls motor function.This is why Theo is every bit a puppy, but he has no ability 2 control his legs. So off to Eddie’s Wheels we went, &Theo was fitted w/ a 4 wheeled cart & he gets along in it very well. But when out of it he doesn’t have any motor control so he flops around. He's currently living w/his foster parents Jen & Tony.We're happy Theo was rescued & we hope you find him ResCUTE..xoxo-Theo Theo's Page on facebook -



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