Tater Tot, Eugene

Vote For Tater Tot
Tater Tot was a stray rescued from a shelter in Orange County, CA where pups only have three days to be adopted. A woman took him out of the CA shelter and posted him on her website. She brought him to me with no paperwork and still intact! Weeks went by as I waited to receive his paperwork. He was very sad and nervous--he seemed to be telling me that something was wrong. Soon after, I found out that the woman was dishonest, sold dogs that were sick, and had been living in unsanitary conditions in her home. She sold him to me for a price that should have included his neuter and shots. After discovering her lies, I took him to the vet and found out that he was sick. The wonderful people at the vet helped bring him back to health. Although his story is different than most, he was still rescued--multiple times! He has been through a lot but now he knows he is safe with his new mommy. It took a while to gain his trust but after lots of treats, kisses, and walks, he is happier than ever!



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