Minnie, Manistee

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Our family was heading to our local pet supply store to get items for our 3 rescue cats and our local shelter was having an adopt-a-thon. My 3 year old daughter Lynesa was immediately drawn to this dog who was sitting on a woman's lap. Lynesa sat down on the bench next to her and the dog climbed over and made herself comfortable in her lap. I could tell that something special was happening. I asked the worker for some history on the dog and all she could tell me was that she was a stray, the vet said about 8 years old and she had some expensive dental issues that were going to need to be fixed. Our small no kill shelter has a very limited budget and they couldn't tell me how long it would be before Minnie would get the work she needed and be up for adoption. Our family fell in love and I decided then and there that she was coming home with us no matter the financial cost. The shelter can use their funds for other dogs in need, we have fixed what she needs and she completes us.



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