Wylie, Charlotte

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There once was a sweet, old dog that was lost. He had been wandering the streets for so long that fleas had chewed him raw. A nice lady found him and gave his some food and shelter. She called a rescue group and asked if they could take him. The rescue group was very full, but when they realized how old the dog was, they knew his best chance would be with them. You see, senior dogs have a harder time getting adopted. For some reason, people don’t want the older guys. Isn’t that sad? The rescue group took him in and got him all fixed up. Month after month, the old dog waited for his forever home. A whole year went by and he started to think that he would live at the shelter forever! Then, one day, a nice lady came by to meet him. She was looking for a sweet, older gentleman to share her home with. She took one look at him and saw straight past his gray hair and into his golden heart! From that day forward, his name was Wylie and he lived happily ever after!



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