Luna , Fresno

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My wife went to get dog food with for her Mothers dog at Pet Smart and came home and said she just met the sweetest dog(Bandits buddies has adoptions events at pet smart)She asked if she could bring her home. I said OK and then Luna who was so terrified for the first couple of days. About three days later she escaped from our back yard and was missing for 6 days.There were sightings all over town. We posted lost dog flyers all over the city. Some people from out of the country who were visiting saw our face book post. They called us and we found her about 20 miles away. We never stopped looking and she has not left us since. You can tell someone was mean to her as it took her while to open up. Now she is a part of our family. I really did not want to get attached to a dog but now I could not imagine our home with out her. I did not think I could get so much joy from a dog. She has changed our lives as much as we have changed hers.



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