Piper, Danbury

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We said we were just going to the shelter to get some information. No way were we ready to pick out a new friend just yet. Well, we decided that we could at least look at what dogs were available--you know, get some ideas. And then we saw her. A pair of enormous ears and golden eyes. Her name was Piper. How could we not fall in love with this pup at first sight?! Before we knew it, we spent the entire evening with her and put in our application. We knew it would take a few days to get our application approved, so we went and visited her again. Leaving that day was difficult, but we had our fingers crossed that next time we came for a visit we would be able to bring her home with us. That night when we got home, we got the call--she was ours! We couldn't wait to bring our new puppy home. Piper can be quite a handful, but we wouldn't have it any other way. She's a complete goofball who always has us laughing and loves to cuddle. We couldn't have asked for a better pup!



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