Lubo, Portland, OR

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For me life began on a bus ride in a kennel along with many, many other dogs on our way from a Homeless shelter in Los Angeles, CA to the Pacific Northwest. Who would have known that my move from the Sunshine State to a State known for greyness and rain would bring me a life and love? My rescue and second chance at a new life involved the love, patience and kindness of many different people. These people took the time to interview several families and chose the perfect forever home for me. And, every day I wake up feeling like the luckiest dog in the world. I have a family that tells me they love me every day, I am petted, loved and cared for like never before, there is always fresh water and healthy kibble in my bowl a warm breakfast every morning and every night I go to bed on a warm clean bed that is safe and protected. I was rescued by many different people who all have a role in my life and a part of my happiness. And, every day I feel like I won the life lottery!



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