Pedro, Cancun (lives in Chicago)

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Pedro was a 2 year old stray on the Island of San Pedro, Belize in desperate need of medical care after a vet assistant at a local "humane society" on the island performed an unnecessary surgery on him with little to no anesthesia. He was wailing in pain, anemic, had tick fever and was gravely ill when we moved him to the San Pedro Animal Hosptal (SPAH). His medical care and 3,000 mile journey by boat, car and foot from San Pedro, Belize to Chicago, USA was made possible with donations from around the world and the tenacity of caring individuals from 3 countries; in particular Hector Navarro from Chica The Doberman rescue in Cancun, Mexico who made the drive with us from Cancun, to the border of Belize, then to the Texas border. People say Pedro hit the “doggy lotto”, but we are actually the lucky family who met Pedro and now he enjoys the life every dog deserves. Saving a life, no matter how far from home, is still saving a life. "My Name is Pedro" on Facebook.



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