Darwin, Fremont

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Darwin was born in a pound, to a 30 lb mother, and then rescued by Furry Friends Rescue. He grew up to a surprising 70 lbs! His gentle nature has led him to be an ambassador for large dogs, and appropriate responses help him to socialize dogs who are fearful, uncertain, or too young to know better. He is always willing to show that big dogs aren't so scary after all! He visits senior homes to bring joy to senior residents. Once when his Mom hurt herself on the stairs, he supported her weight to help her down the stairs to a phone to call for help. He was featured on local news in Sacramento for Canine Heritage Breed Test, who proved him to be a collie and mastiff mix! He has had too many adventures to tell in 1000 characters. Darwin is currently 13, and taking life a little easier these days back in the Bay Area.



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