Sophie, Alpheretta

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Sweet little Smidge (now Sophie) spent the first months of her little life living outside as a stray. She is a very tough and strong little girl. However, she LOVES to eat! She was getting so hungry. One day she was walking by a fence and stopped to wonder about what it would be like to have a backyard of her own one day. That's when she met Dasha the Pit Bull. Dasha was much bigger than Sophie but Sophie wasn't scared. She could tell Dasha the Pit Bull was a very nice dog. Dasha could tell little Sophie was very hungry so she went inside her house and grabbed up a huge mouthful of her kibble. Dasha didn't eat the kibble she took though...she took the kibble outside and pushed it through the fence for Sophie to eat. Dasha took care of Sophie for a few days before she had a better idea. You see Dasha lived next door to an Angel...not one with wings but one that finds lonely pups new fur-ever homes. Dasha got Sophie to the Angel and a few weeks later that Angel brought Sophie to me.



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