Dimitri, Arlington

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Dimitri was rescued by The Humane Society of the United States when a puppy mill that sold puppies online shut down in OH.They guessed he was 5-7yrs old.He and over 250 other shar peis and chihuahuas went to rescues and shelters to find homes.He went to a rescue league in DC, but was pacing a lot in the kennels.They reached out to LDCRF to see if they would take him, and put him in a foster home.He stayed for a little bit at one foster home,and then went to foster with me on Dec.A month later,on my birthday,after another family decided they weren't interested in him, I decided to adopt him. He has come so far,he still has some issues (both mental and physical), such as eye issues likely due to not receiving the entropian surgery he needed when he was young.But he's learned to enjoy coming to work every day with me,and his pacing,which he did for the first few months I had him, has subsided some.He now does it mostly when he's nervous, and carries a stuffed animal with him too.



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