Dottie, San Bernardino

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I found Dottie on through the Mutt Scouts rescue. I immediately fell in love with her sweet face when I met her and was so sad when I saw photos of how matted and scared she looked at the shelter. My boyfriend and I brought her home and debated if we should just let her out in the yard or take her for a walk. She let us know by howling at the door. After we took her on a nice walk that first walk, we've never heard her howl again. She felt safe and happy in our home almost immediately and I can't imagine life without her. Everywhere we go, people stop us and ask us what kind of breed she is as they are amazed at her unique look - we proudly say she is a rescue and a mutt and she is special. I hope more people will be inspired to rescue a special mutt as there is such a special bond to be found.



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