Franklin of the BFP, Valley Village (San Jose)

Vote For Franklin of the BFP

I am Franklin. I was born in a lab where I never left my cage, except to be experimented on. I was kept alone and didn’t know I was a dog. I couldn’t bark and was barely fed. I was just a numbered test tube. Then my life changed. I was rescued by Beagle Freedom Project. That day, I felt the sun on my face and grass between my toes for the first time. I went to my new home. I learned not to fear humans. I discovered laps, toys, good food, walks and love. My family didn’t mind that I was awkward. In fact, they loved me for it. Since being free, I have met lots of people who want to help BFP. I walked a red carpet, met my assemblymember, traveled to Sacramento as a spokes-beagle for the Beagle Freedom Bill, and educated everyone about why animal testing is wrong. In May, I celebrated my 2nd birthday with cake and a party hat, a far cry from my cold, lonely cage. I want everyone to know that I am more than a numbered test tube. I am Franklin, I am special, and I am a FREAGLE!



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