Charlie Murphy, Columbus

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My fiancé and I adopted Charlie back in April from the Franklin County Animal Shelter close to our home. We have always wanted to get a dog but sadly the places that we rented from would not allow it. In March we purchased a house with a big fenced in back yard and were ready to adopt. We searched through Craigslist and visited the shelter on a regular basis. I almost gave up on our search until my fiancé convinced me to go to the shelter because we were driving by it any way. So I said okay and I'm glad we did because there sat this adorable 2 month 2 weeks Terrier mix. Charlie was a stray with his brother and was very thin. Charlie had many people looking at him but it was not until my fiancé walked by that he perked up and then I walked over and his little tail started wagging like crazy. I knew right then and there he picked us and we were taking him home. Charlie is now over 7 months old, healthy, a happy puppy who loves running around our backyard and cuddling.



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