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I was a cna I was working at a home. I just got an approval for a resident to get a puppy so I took her. We found these people that was giving away puppies so as she was picking one out I noticed this really small black fuzzy thing under this sheet of newspaper. I asked is that a dog? The people was telling me how the mother just stopped taking care of him and how he's the runt and no one wanted him. I just watched him lay there all hopeless. They then told me he wasn't gonna last and probably would have died by the end of the night. I never really had a dog before or knew what to do but I couldn't let him just lay there so I took him home. He couldn't walk very well, wouldn't eat  and all he did was whine. With the help of my 12 year old daughter and the vet in town we got him healthy. Now he's the most happiest dog I have ever seen. He's the best part of this family.



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