Penelope (Aeryn @ NCBR), Davis

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Penelope (AKA Aeryn at NCBR) came to us when she was around a year and a half old. We're not positive, because she was an animal control seizure. NorCal Boxer Rescue got her out of the shelter and into a foster home, where we adopted her from. She was malnourished at 44 lbs. (she's around 75 lbs. today) and was thought to have had pups. We have a male white Boxer, who is deaf and was in need of a friend who could hear. From the moment Penelope met Zeus she loved him and protected him. They went to a dog park together where Zeus was being bullied by another dog. Penelope jumped right in and shooed the other dog away. When we decided to crate train them she insisted on going in the crate with Zeusie. So we bought them a bigger crate and now they both sleep in there when the door is open. She's so gentle with him and has never once gotten frustrated with him or argressive. We couldn't be happier with this sweet girl and will only adopt from here on out. We love her so much!!



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