Louie, Cincinnati

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Louie was found in a receiving blanket on the side of the road in Cincinnati. He had open wounds down his back and was rushed to a nearby vet. Because of an undiagnosed skin infection, Lou went through 3 unsuccessful surgeries (a botched first surgery, 40 staples down his back, wet to dry bandages changed daily). He was 4lbs 3 oz and didn't have enough skin to close him up. He went through many painful procedures but was finally cured. He has some pretty rad scars that remind us daily of how special he is. We are lucky to have him in our life and we would pay a million dollars over to have him. It is so important to us to spread awareness about abused animals/bait dogs. He has opened our eyes to something we had never given thought to. It's important to trust your dog, be patient, and help them adjust to life again after being harmed. Everyday is a learning opportunity and we would love to share his experience with the world. Thank you for your consideration!



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