Henry, Denver

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I met Henry at an dog-adopt-a-thon in the parking lot of a pet food store. There were hundreds of dogs and I looked at all of them. It wasn't until I was leaving that I looked over and saw a timid little three legged guy in the volunteer tent wearing a vest that said "adopt me." His foster mom put him in my lap and my heart just broke. He was mine. His back story is for the most part a mystery. He was a scared little stray with a mangled front left leg. The Adams County Animal Shelter gave him the love and medical care he needed. Then I met him. Tomorrow will be our 5th anniversary. He has come so far in trusting people and relaxing and enjoying life. He is the most peaceful soul I've ever known. His favorite hobbies are rolling in the grass, chasing squirrels, climbing mountains, and snuggling.



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