O.G., Sierra Vista

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I heard about O.G. through a miniature pinscher rescue for which I volunteered. They stated there was an elderly minpin at the local shelter, so I went to see her. I determined she's not a minpin, but rather a dachshund or rat terrier mix who has had her tail docked. She was missing much of her ears from previous trauma, had only 2 horribly infected teeth remaining (and only kibble to eat). The next day, I decided I would at least do some labwork on her to ensure she was otherwise healthy. I brought her to my office (a vet clinic) and had an exam and labwork run. Her labwork was spotless, but determined she had a low grade heart murmur, was at least 10-12 years old and deaf. I couldn't send her back to the shelter when I brought her that far, so I was determined to foster her. Needless to say, after 3 dental surgeries to extract the bad teeth and close the holes between her mouth and nose, a gastrotomy to remove a rock she ate, vestibular disease, etc.. I am a foster failure!



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