Hunter, Savannah

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I had been casually wanting a dog for a few years, and I definitely wanted to rescue one, I just hadn't seen one that stood out to me yet, then one day Hunter's face popped up on my computer screen and I knew without a doubt we belonged together. His photo was posted on Facebook by One Love Animal Rescue, he was in animal control's shelter and was close to reaching his last day there. I contacted the rescue on what would have been Hunter's last day alive, One Love had animal control keep him alive, and they rushed his adoption paperwork for me. I met him and took him home two days after he was meant to die. When I first saw him in person, I knew that all of the feelings I had when I saw his photo were spot on, we were meant for each other. He has brought more joy to my life in the 9 months he has been with me than most other things have in my entire life. He's such a great, funny, loving, active guy, and he has become a great ambassador for rescue dogs.



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