Cowboy, Morgantown

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Fate is what lead me to my best friend on January 17th. That frigid morning, I wondered in the Mon County Canine Adoption Center out of pure curiosity after passing its sign on the road. Although a devout dog lover, I had no intention of adopting at the time. Inside, 4 kennels were lined up with 2-3 dogs inhabiting each. It wasn't until the very last kennel when I noticed that only 2 of the 3 dogs in it were vying for my attention. The 3rd dog & eldest of all, a Boston Terrier mix named Cowboy, was wagging his tail yet remained in the corner, not even attempting to compete with the others. You could see the pain in his eyes & hopeless acceptance that a happy ending was never coming. I adopted him that exact moment & took him home to begin showing him how to feel love again. Today, Cowboy is a new dog. He is the most loving & gracious companion that lives each day better than the last. The once pain in his eyes has vanished & is now replaced with pure happiness. We rescued each other.



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