Zen Yuki, Augusta

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I was a lost boy roaming free on the streets of CA. I ended up at Moreno Valley Shelter. I was on the euthanasia  list until the amazing ladies of Miracle German Shepherd Dog Network found me in the shelter & networked with rescues to pull me. Suddenly I was free & on a volunteer transport all the way to Michigan to Southwest Michigan German Shepherd Rescue which is the foster homes for GSD's of Richland Animal Rescue. They named me Judah. I arrived dirty, matted, & I hold the record for the most ticks of any Miracle GSD! I had like 30 ticks they had to pull off me! I have the biggest smile on my face everyday now & have the softest, shiniest, & amazing white coat of fur since my mom takes such good care of me! And, even more amazing I am a Canine Blood Donor at our local emergency vet hospital. I go in & donate blood to save lives for those desperately needing it. My new name is Zen Yuki and I hope all rescue dogs can be adopted & loved just as much as I am!



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