Vega Jane Reynolds-Staples, Huntley

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When we first met Vega, we asked where she’d been before arriving at the shelter. Vega wagged her tail and explained, “I was in the Merchant Marines, in Singapore.” Of course, we were skeptical! We’d never heard of a dog being in the Merchant Marines, and the note on her kennel said she’d been picked up by Animal Control and not claimed. We pointed out the discrepancy. Vega again wagged her tail, saying, “Did you think I said Merchant Marines? Nope! I was a roadie, for Van Halen, for one of their stadium tours. Definitely not an unclaimed stray. Not me!” We realized that Vega was worried that, because she was a shelter dog, we might think she was not lovable, or not worthy of a home to call her own. She thought spinning tales about her exciting past would make us love her—but all we needed to do was take one look at her soulful eyes, tiny legs, and giant head, and we knew… THIS AMAZING HOUND IS COMING HOME WITH US! Occasional backstage Van Halen passes are an unexpected bonus!



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