Mason, Robbinsville

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Mason was part of a litter that was rescued from South Carolina. The puppies were found in a drain pipe on the side of a highway, according to the rescue group. When we first met Mason, his foster name was actually "Chicken Little" because he was super cautious around people. And the name fit! We went to see him and although he was very happy to run around with the other puppies, he went out of his way to keep out of our reach when we tried to pet or engage him. Still, he seemed special and we adopted him. He came home and was quiet and subdued until he met our other dog, Perry. Instant love. For the first 4 weeks, Mason was only interested in Perry. It was as if there was no one else in the house. Eventually, Mason started to show interest in the people in our family and now he is THE most affectionate, cuddliest puppy we have ever known!



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