Vivi, Caburrus County

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Vivi (full name Genevieve) came from a large litter of eleven dogs. Her mother was found pregnant and homeless. As a standard Dachshund, this was physically demanding for a small dog. The litter turned out to have two fathers. One half was long-legged and lighter in color and the other half turned out like Vivi, darker and stumpy. They believe one father was a Corgi and the other was a Lab. I had saved a search for months on a pet adoption website with the specifications I wanted. I received monthly emails about puppies within 100 miles of my city that were dachshund mixes. They were all cute but it wasn't until I saw Vivi's litter that I was committed to adopting. In the pictures she looked so much like her brothers and sisters. I called the shelter and they gave me more description of their physical attributes. They said one female had a longer body and shorter legs than all the rest and I knew that's the one I wanted. I drove to Charlotte that day and picked her up.



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