Sammy, Gulfport

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Sammy was brought to the shelter where I worked as a pup with his siblings - scared, malnourished, and alone. They'd been abused by their former 'owner' and spent several days in our nursery healing from their injuries, and each day I would visit them to sit and cuddle for a while. The three females were quick to recover from their trauma and loved to be petted and loved, but the last little male - the runt of the litter - refused to come out of the corner where he cowered. After a while they were moved up into the puppy pen for adoption, and still the little boy buried himself beneath newspaper shredding to hide from the curious faces peeking in to say hello. His perkier sisters were quickly claimed and yet still he remained behind, watching me with pitiful eyes while I went about my work as a kennel tech. Only when I approached the pen did he lift his head and wag his tail, and that was when I realized he was meant to be mine. Six months later he is a friendly, healthy therapy dog.



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