PJ, Billings

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As far as we know, PJ was born on the streets of Billings, MT. No one knew where he lived or how he survived. In the Spring of 2012, PJ’s life changed. He was picked up off the streets and brought to Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter. PJ had no hair on his back. The shelter feared he had a disease called Mange. After testing PJ for this disease, they concluded he just had allergies. These allergies were so severe, it caused PJ to lose a lot of his hair and scratch everywhere. After PJ was put on a strict, no grain, diet he grew all of his hair back. Unfortunately, PJ spend over two months in the shelter. He was then fostered out to a local dog salon called Groomingdales, where he spent weeks waiting for his permanent home. In June, of that same year, PJ found his permanent home. Over the course of two years, PJ has grown into a healthy, smart, and protective dog. He listens well and is starting to show his Siberian Husky roots by “singing” to his family.



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