Vote For BearBear
I spent about 6 months looking & planned to get something small, adorable, & hypoallergenic, typical mid 20s girl dog. I met several & stalked daily. I eventually came across this mini husky online & decided to go meet him. I drove an hour, saw the dog & realized I had been Catfished. Whoever took his picture could go into business for online daters looking to put out their one good angle. Doofiest looking dog ever, & it turned out he had an owner. Having driven an hour I figured I would see who else was there. I saw Bear & it was like an out of body experience, I just started making decisions. I met him, I filled out the paperwork, & calmly went home to wait. He wasn't what I expected to get, about 30 lbs more and shed as much. But it just felt right. When the shelter told me they believed he was 8 and were therefore going to give him away I couldn't believe my luck. When I then discovered it was a kill shelter I knew I had to have him. Turns out, he's about 4.



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