Geno, Beechbottom

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Geno landed at Brooke County Animal Shelter as a scared and abused stray. Had he been found in so many other areas, he’d have been euthanized quickly, but they saw his potential and his love, and insisted he stay for over two years! We then started fostering the dog described as “shy and nervous, but a great dog when he warms up to you.” On the long drive home, his nerves kicked in, and wow, did he get car sick! All that did was cause me to love him even more, because who couldn’t help but have their heart break? The obvious signs of abuse from before the shelter caused us to love him more! Two months after agreeing to foster him, we adopted him! He’d become my shadow, had gained some confidence, and our other dog calmed down since becoming a big sister! I can’t imagine life without him! Now he’s a confident, happy boy who loves his family and improves every day just by being there! He lives to love, and love received is magnified and returned tenfold! He is the reason I rescue!



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