Izzy, Oak Brook

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After losing my husband's Mom to breast cancer, we soon lost our rescue boxer Bindi to cancer. Years earlier, we rescued Bindi on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14 and used that date every year after as her birthday. Not long after losing Bindi, we decided to open our hearts to another rescue. A new beginning, a light at the end of our dark tunnel. After trolling Petfinder for hours, we found and met Izzy the American Bulldog. It was love at first sight, her personality was hauntingly similar to our beloved Bindi. We then heard her story, Izzy was found alone wandering the cold streets of a not-so-nice neighborhood in Chicago,starving,and just had a litter. She spent a short stay at Chicago Animal Control, but her time was up. Scheduled to be euthanized that day, the kind people of AARS rescued her from certain death , Feb. 14th....



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