Baxter, Columbia

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From what I have heard, Baxter, then known as Ditto, was found late at night on the side of the road in the pouring rain. He was with his mom, Dream, his brother, Darby, and his sister, Delilah. I had been looking for a puppy for some time and went to see his brother Darby when this little bundle of joy came bouncing into my arms and I knew he had to be with me! Because of the amount of stray dogs in the state the shelters are very strict on who they give to so when I was not granted Ditto I was devastated. I had a friend who was capable of getting a dog but did not want to take on the responsibility and I begged and pleaded for him to help me and after many "no"s I convinced him to just come meet Ditto. After we walked out that day there was no question and Ditto (now Baxter!) has been my little family for almost 3 years! He has seen me graduate college, move 3 hours away, move 3 hours back, protect me when I was scared to live alone, and been my little best friend.



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