Maybelline, Tappahannock

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I went to the shelter to look at a puppy they had posted on Facebook. I was moving out on my own and knew I wanted a dog. Once I arrived at the shelter with my mother and brother and sister, my brother took to the puppy like a fish to water. I left them alone to check out the other dogs. I came across Maybelline. She was a hound, severely underweight, had graying hair around the muzzle, and no energy. She had been severely neglected, had awful teeth due to eating concrete in her hungriest days. I was in love. In my area, many hounds are dumped off after hunting season if they didn't do a good enough job. Not being considered desirable, many are put to sleep. There was no way I was leaving her there for that fate. I filled out the paperwork and returned week later and pick her up. Now, a year later, she has come out of her shell, put on weight, loves her little sister, Fi, who is also a shelter dog, and loves food time. And the puppy? Now lives a rich life at home with my brother.



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