Indie Jones, Cleveland

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Indiana Jones – ‘Indie’ was found scared, alone and beat up on the west side of Cleveland, a run-away. No back story, no owner, Indie was listed on the kennel's site for over a month with hardly a visit. After I convinced my boyfriend we should pay him a visit, there was no turning back! He was full of spunk and energy, but didn't make a sound the entire time we visited. His ears are the first thing you see, but then in all of his excitement you quickly learn how he got his name, his tail is like a WHIP! Waving in all directions, a helicopter. We had to act quickly there was a person seeing him later that day…After a grueling half-hour to get the 'O-K' from my landlord, we were ecstatic to claim Indie as the newest member of our little family. Indie is like no other dog we have ever met, so much personality! He is loving, affectionate, and full of licks to anyone he meets. Our lives have changed not for the better but the BEST with Indie at our heels.



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