Milo, Chapel Hill

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I walked into the shelter on that fateful day intending to see another dog that had been promoted on Orange County's adoption website. When we found out he had already been adopted my housemate at the time convinced me to just take a walk around the kennels and see if there were any other suitable dogs. When I came to Milo's pen he simply stood, wagged his tail and looked at me and my roommate with his beautiful blue eyes. During our meet and greet with this owner-surrendered pup, Milo was all adorable puppy wiggles and kisses. He sat right down in my lap, and I just looked at my friend. She later told me it was at that moment that she knew we weren't leaving without this dog. Flash forward two years and Milo and I are on another adventure together in London! He is my best friend and the best decision I ever made! Milo is proof that rescue dogs have unlimited love to give and only need the chance to prove they can save you, even if you think you're the one doing the saving!



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