Eleanor (Ellie) Roosevelt, Lafayette

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My job at the time was partnering with nonprofit organizations, like the shelter to donate money. After a rough day, I went to the shelter to see dogs (dogs make everything better). I had no intention of adopting that day. There were a lot of dogs jumping when they saw me come in. Ellie just sat their patiently. She was under 10lbs and black & blue. The shelter said she was abandoned, but she looked and acted like she was routinely beaten prior to being abandoned. She and I connected instantly, and I put a deposit down. I could see her inner strength, and I named her after another strong woman: Eleanor Roosevelt. With our family, she has come out of her shell. No longer scared of everything, she shows her love and energy every day. She hates when people cry. She thinks it is her job to stop their crying and make them smile again. Ellie makes me happy constantly. Who saved who?



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