Lola, Arlington

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Little Lola and her Human Mom found each other unexpectedly, but at the perfect time. Lola was abandoned and pregnant with a baby at only 1 and a half years old. While her baby was adopted quickly, Lola was left at the Rescue, a bit hungry and a bit scared. Lola was stuck in crates for most of her life and didn't get the chance to get the belly rubs and attention she most desired. Her Human Mom had a gut feeling that today was the day to foster a dog, but definitely not adopt one... Sight unseen, Lola was paired up with her Human Mom and from that day on they have become best buds. When Lola's human mom saw Lola getting stronger, happier, and even a little spoiled, she knew that the two were meant to be. Her Human Mom realized that not only was Lola a better dog from her love, but she too was a better person for the love she gave to and received from Lola.



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