Miracle, Mount Carmel

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I rescued Miracle 5 years ago. Miracle was abused, neglected, mistreated, and subjected to overall animal cruelty at the hands of her former owner who had used Miracle as a fight/bait dog. She was extremely emaciated and dehydrated as a result of this. She had been attacked by several dogs and had many scabs on her. Miracle had been bitten through the upper lip causing an abscess there as a result of these attacks. She was anemic, had a double ear infection, and had a heart murmur. She had also been tied up to a pole so tight forcing her to sit or stand at all times and wasn't even allowed to lay down. As a result of this, she had a ring around her neck for up to three and a half months! Leaving her with no voice during this time and she still suffers from permanent damage to her throat. The Veterinarian did not believe that Miracle would make it through the night and was surprised that she still had the pads on her paws, her teeth, and her nails after what she had been through.



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