Ricky , Clackamas

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Ricky (and his litter) were found in a dumpster in a city park, most had died from the maggots, starvation, and the cold, but Ricky hung on, he knew there was something very special waiting for him. It was Christmas Eve Eve and the shelter was packed full, Ricky was in such bad shape he needed round the clock care, so they were going to have to let him go :( We went in to donate some rugs and blankets that day and saw little Ricky, and his RED tag... Knowing what the red tag ment, I told them I would take him. We took him home and cleaned him up. Our 6 newfoundland dogs mothered him and kept him warm, he recovered so quickly, it was amazing! He became a cover model, junior akc show dog, service dog, therapy dog, cancer support dog, and so much more! It's hard to imagine anyone would throw away this diamond in the ruff!



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