Gladdy, Downey

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Miss Glados Del Rito(shelter name was 'Dorie') is a 3 year old American Eskimo/Pomeranian/LC Chihuahua mix. About a year ago she was picked up as a pregnant stray by the city of San Bernardino. She was rescued by the shelter, 'Heart Bandits'--a shelter devoted to the American Eskimo breed--where she eventually had her litter of 3 puppies. She was a loving mother who stayed with her puppies until they were grown enough to be adopted into families of their own, and she finally found a family of her own as well! She is an energetic, loving pup and it is entertaining to see all of the habits she picked up from her time in the streets, but that is what makes her 'Gladdy' and that is why we love her!



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