Seldi, Boulder

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Four years ago, I had moved out of my parents house leaving two dogs behind. I wanted to fill my heart with that loving nature of dogs once again. I had browsed for months to find the one dog that I absolutely was in love. I had searched high and low all across the shelters here in Colorado to find the perfect one. One night about six months after my search started, I found a pup of 7 months old. She had this thing about her that made me see that she was meant to be in my life. The Boulder Humane Society has a set up where you can call and reserve to meet them the next day, I had called but missed them by minutes. I drove the hour to meet her the next morning and got there moments after they opened. Five minutes after spending this time with her has led to four years of lots of love and fun. Seldi came to me in a moment of need and has been there for every moment since. Seldi is a dog that came from stray to pampered pet, one that is full of love and loyalty. A dog from Missy to Seldi.



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