Charlie, Toledo

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Not planning on adopting another dog because we already had two, one Saturday afternoon we stop at LCCCC to donate towels. After dropping them off the women at the front asked if we wanted to see the doggie's, my boyfriend and I looked at each other, smiled and said sure. We have to give each dog a biscuit so by the time we had gotten to the last row, my boyfriend who was ahead of me said Em come look at this dog. Her name was Greta and in the very last cage she was making cute growly noises because she wanted more biscuits. We fell in love instantly, it was like she was talking to us, so we went back a week later with our dogs to see how they got along, but she was quarantined because she was sick with kennel cough. We came back the next week when she was better and the dogs seemed to get along very well. We picked her up that Wednesday and changed her name to Charlie. We also call her Bear because she is a growly Bear still to this day.



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