Bexley, Seattle

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Bexley was born in 2011 in Taiwan and began his life in an abandoned building among debris with his Mother and two surviving Brothers. A group of volunteers found them and left a cardboard box as shelter along with blankets and food to earn their trust. The volunteers rescued the whole fur family and provided them with health care and a home off of the street. My Husband and I, meanwhile, had recently seen a beautiful dog at a local trail running race and learned the dog was a rescue from Taiwan! We contacted a rescue group in Seattle, Salty Dog Rescue, who specialized in rescuing Taiwanese street dogs, a.k.a. Formosan Mountain Dogs. SDR sent us pictures of their latest rescues, which included Bexley and his family, and when we saw his puppy picture our hearts just melted. We eagerly adopted him and picked Bexley up directly from the airport. This little pup who was abandoned on the other side of the World found us and every day since he has been the center of our universe.



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