Belay , Quakertown

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Someone loved me once but I was abandoned. Forgotten. I wandered around the streets hoping someone would love me. I had so much love to give. I had been hurt and now my leg was a little crooked. I walked funny. I was dirty and so itchy from fleas. I no longer had hair on my belly cause my skin was thick from scratching. My black fur was matted. Last Chance Ranch saved me from the street but who would love me. I knew black dogs had a harder time getting adopted. A woman came to see me. I knew they hadn't posted any pics of me. I hadn't even been bathed yet. When they brought me out I was nervous. Then I saw it in her eyes. She had been abandoned too. I strained against the leash and she rushed down to me. I buried my face in her lap. She named me Belay. It's a climbing term. When you climb the person holding your rope is your belay. They are responsible for your life. I'm happy now. I know she will never let go of me. She is my belay as much as I am hers.



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