Bella , Chicago

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Bella was used to breed pure bred Neapolitan Mastiff puppies and once she was unable to breed she was left at CACC where the only name given was "Dog". From reports she was highly aggressive in her cage, several bite wounds and very underweight. A rescue in down state Illinois became aware of an abandoned Mastiff and decided to take her in. I heard about Bella through a friend on Facebook and without even meeting her i knew i had to have. When they brought Bella to my apartment, i remember them opening the back hatch and letting out this very large animal and all i could think was ..o my God i just adopted a tiger!!!! She is my first dog so we've had our adventures which has included a lot of vet trips fixing her past, but that has never stopped her spirit. She would go to work with me when i was a case manager at a mental health facility. She was so gentle with every individual she encountered, which is quite amazing for a 190lb mastiff. Her loving personality amazes me everyday!



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