Trinity, Amsterdam

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Trinity's story is a double rescue story. I adopted this lovely lady when she was only six months old from the Montgomery County SPCA. This was her second time at the shelter and she was ready for a home. Being only a puppy, she didn't know what was going on or what she could have possibly done wrong. Her first owners abused her, leaving her hungry and beaten. The shelter had gotten a hold of her, made her healthy, and adopted her out to another couple. This "home" was no better. Weeks later she was returned with a choke chain around her neck, showing the raw flesh that the collar had cut into. Around the time she was able to go back out for adoption, I was looking for a companion to aid in my anxiety and depression. Coming from a broken home myself, I wanted a rescued dog who could relate and I could understand just what they went through. I drove over an hour to meet the lovely lady, Trinity, and instantly fell in love.When people ask- I didn't rescue her, she rescued me.



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